The Move to Richmond

Michelle moved to Richmond as Director of Programs at the Christian Children's Fund Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, when her boss, Dr. John Schultz became President. Later, she was promoted to Vice-President of International Programs. She and her husband moved into an elegant 1915 townhouse in the Museum District of the Outer Fan of Richmond.

Michelle on her front porch

Michelle and her President have transformed CCF from a charity into a world respected international child development agency. CCF and its international counterpart, Child Fund International, are now the principle partners of organizations like Unicef and the High Commission for Refugees in child protection and the rehabilitation of child soldiers. Michelle continues to be active on the NGO committee for Unicef and in a number of international child protection groups. She travels extensively and she has a wonderful team of collaborators and friends in Richmond.

Michelle and Melody Manley about to travel to Washington D.C. for Michelle's trip to visit the Tsunami victims in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia

Richmond is an exciting place to live, and the hurricane season is one of the most exciting, unexpected and expensive aspects of Richmond life. Hurricane Isobel changed the Richmond landscape, and hurricane Gaston emptied the Poulton basement by dropping twelve inches of rain overnight.

Hurricane Isobel visits the Outer Fan of Richmond

Richmond Easter Parade is a fun affair, everybody wears a funny hat.

Michelle dressed as a Viking with her friend Michael Newton in a desert hat, Laurel Hayward in a red Spanish beret, and Anna Cham in an African straw hat.

Catherine Leila came to Richmond to write up her Master's Thesis for the European Peace University in Austria. While she was with us, her second mother arrived from Mali: Carol Ann Hart, of southern Indiana, was our neighbor in Bamako and we raised our four children together. She remains one of Michelle's dearest friends.

Carol, Michelle and Catherine Leila


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